Coronavirus Tracker Apps Now Being Used by Chinese Citizens to Spot Which Place has Positive Victim

Coronavirus spread has now resulted in a total death toll of 425 people and more than 20,000 confirmed victims of the viral disease, as of Tuesday, Feb. 4.

In this way, Chinese citizens will be able to help the government to inform people about not entering the Coronavirus positive places. Coronavirus-free places can now be easily spotted using these apps.

  • Check out the coronavirus app here.

According to a report by Xinhua, a Chinese news agency, China has rolled out a mobile app dubbed the “close contact detector,” allowing people to check whether they were in close proximity to a Coronavirus carrier.

The application works by letting users check their status by scanning a QR code using applications like Alipay, WeChat, or QQ. The person is then directed to a page that requires them to enter their name and government ID card number. Once all the information is added the user’s status is displayed on the screen.

The report does not detail how the Chinese government developed the application and how does it determine the risk of exposure.

In other news, the close contact detector’s requirement for ID card numbers has been raising some concerns with privacy critics. Since the Chinese government is known for its high-level surveillance on the citizens.