Google may soon introduce double-tap gestures on the back of its Pixel phones. The company is now testing another gesture-related feature that will allow users to easily dismiss incoming calls, timer, snooze alarms, launch the camera app, launch the camera/Google Assistant, play or pause media, collapse the status bar, silence incoming calls, unpin notifications, and start a “user-selected action.”

Check out a GIF of the feature below, courtesy of Rackpost. The new gesture has been found in the first Android 11 Developer.

So XDA-Developers Google has discovered a new gesture system code-named “Columbus” in the Android 11 developer preview for Pixel phones which allows users to double-tap on the back of Pixel phone.

Best of all, the double-tap gesture is confirmed to work on older Pixels in addition to the Pixel 4 series. So Google is likely using the accelerometer and gyroscope to enable this feature rather than exotic hardware like Motion Sense. This theoretically means Google could bring the finished feature to other Android phones in general, but it’s probably a Pixel-exclusive capability for now.

We’re glad to see another shortcut system come to Android phones in any event.