Data informatics and merging of medicine has created many medical apps which were not even thinkable a decade ago, the following are the top 5 medical apps and are a must-have on your smart devices.

  1. Medscape: Medscape from WebMD is the most comprehensive medical app available for healthcare professionals.
  2. Epocrates: Epocrates is owned by Atena Health, which is a health insurance company and also owns their own medical record company. The whole integration of these three gives Atena a leverage over others. It is also one of the popular free apps with an add-on subscription.
  3. UptoDate: It comes with a subscription but is the must-have reference in every major hospital across the world. It has topics on more than 25+ specialities with experts from around the world covering topics in great depth.
  4. DynaMed Plus: This apps is great if you are looking for a comprehensive literature review on any topic of your choice. It has fewer topics than UptoDate but is favorite among medical residents. It comes complimentary with membership of American College of Physicians.
  5. Visual DX: This website is loaded with more than 90,000 images featuring all kinds of medical conditions. It is helpful both for diagnosing patients based on the clinical presentation of them. UptoDate and Visual Dx has an agreement which benefits both as UptoDate reference articles are cited in Visual Dx and the earlier one use Visual Dx images in their website.