China has prepared a vaccine to treat COVID-19 patients and it would be launched in Pakistan in three months, could be ready for ‘Emergency Use’ in April.

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Ahmed Chaudhry Friday announced that Pakistan would be starting the first phase of ‘clinical trial for a novel coronavirus vaccine’, as the world’s scientists including Pakistan in the race to find a way to combat the deadly pathogen.

This is Pakistan’s major step towards international efforts for controlling COVID-19 disease mortality.

National Institute of Health Major General Dr. Amir Ikraam said that China has started work on the trial. “It is hoped that the vaccine will be launched in Pakistan in three months,” he said.

Coronavirus Vaccine is coming in

Hopefully, Pakistan would be among the list of those countries which defeat Coronavirus”, the minister said. The minister added that a team led by Dr. Attaur Rahman was also closely working with the World Health Organization for the development of an anti-coronavirus vaccine. Pakistani researchers working under government-approved projects can develop a vaccine for coronavirus but the process will take little time, he added.

As with all drugs and medical devices, the government will assess and monitor the safety and effectiveness of all products authorized under the DRAP.”

Coronavirus Vaccine is coming in