Choosing the right course to study after finishing high school is one of the most important decisions in life. Let’s have a look at the top five emerging careers in 2020

It has also been reported that artificial intelligence skills were in top demand and fastest-growing jobs of this decade. Let’s have a short brief of what every field is and what are the salaries like:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a field of software engineering that manages the production of smart machines and frameworks that can think and procedure information as humans do. AI is going to permeate every job sector in the future so all the major enterprises are making use of AI in the future to improve their productivity. Tech giants like Apple, Google, and Facebook have already climbed on the bandwagon of AI. 

The demand for AI certified professionals will grow along with the developments in AI. Salary for AI analysts can range from $100,000 to $150,000, peaking at around $175,000 per year. 

Gaining an online certificate in AI will give you an edge over other IT professionals, one of the best online artificial intelligence certificate can be found here.

Healthcare Innovation

Being in itself a very new and continuously emerging field to focus on leadership skills and create ways to alleviate current health care challenges. This healthcare management career helps you take on a multidisciplinary approach to health care, including studying change theory, leadership, entrepreneurship, technology, and system design. Salaries range from $69,000 to $162,000 per year. This field can be started after doing your bachelor’s with a major in science or biology.

Substance Abuse Nursing

Substance abuse nursing is a new and emerging field. The nurses are trained in dealing with the behavioral health of the patients in rehab. Nurses monitor and assess a patient’s treatment strategy, recovery process while evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. Salaries range from $55,000 to $65,000 per year.

Currently, there is a shortage of this field in the USA. At a minimum, a BSN degree is required to start a career. The benefit of going in this field is that you can work on your own or even start your practice in a few states.


Bioinformatics deals with the development of software solutions to process biological data. Some of the applications included in the bioinformatics research include genome annotation, modeling, molecular folding, and gene/protein prediction. The emergence and advancements in bioinformatics are associated with computerized programming which is specially designed to handle large volumes of DNAs, RNAs, proteins, and metabolites. The mean salary for a bioinformatics scientist is $101,820.

Bioinformatics along with artificial intelligence has been used most recently in the Coronavirus pandemic. Genomic sequencing and analysis were done using public databases of coronavirus genomic sequences available online, to predict how the current coronavirus evolved. Another method bioinformatics can be helpful is by the process called “docking” which consists of simulating the computer with interactions between the virus and the different molecules that could be used to make vaccines, antibody treatments, or drug treatments.

Financial Technology (FinTech)

Financial technology, often shortened to fintech, is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. It is an emerging industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. Financial technology companies consist of both startups and established financial institutions and technology companies trying to replace or enhance the usage of financial services provided by existing financial companies. 

The use of smartphones for mobile banking, investing services, and cryptocurrency are examples of technologies being innovated by fintech companies. More than 12,000 FinTech companies are eyeing the $1 trillion in annual global bank profits. Whereas Salary ranges from $105,356/yr to $132,510/yr. 


Even though all of the fields offer an overall good career option, one of the best fields in my opinion for the future is artificial intelligence considering its vast scope of applications and cross-platform use along with multiple overlapping industries.


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