In earlier days we would see the weight machines or body scales mostly in gyms or hospitals/clinics but nowadays a lot has changed. Today’s bathroom scales can do so much more than just show you the weight. These smart scales can provide you with a more complete picture of your body. Whether you’re trying to lose, maintain, or gain weight, investing in a premium quality bathroom scale can make a huge difference. 

Withings, a French company started making scales way back in 2010. Later the company was acquired by Nokia in 2016 and purchased by Eric Carreel in 2018. Withings scales have always topped the digital scale charts since 2011. 

Currently, they have three different body scales named Body, Body+, and Body Cardio. All three have different price ranges and targeted at different population subsets. In this article, we will layout the features for all of the three gadgets. 

1. Body 

This one is the most basic scale of all three and retails for £59.95. It can hold information for up to 8 members of your family and report on the BMI and weight of all of them. It has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth which can help it beam the live readings on to the phone app via cloud. It helps you track your weight on-the-go. Batteries can last up to 18 months. 

2. Body+

Coming at the medium range among the three scales, it retails for £89.95. In addition to everything that the “Body Scale” reports, the “Body+ Scale” can report on fat mass, muscle mass, water percentage, and bone mass, in addition to showing the historical trends thereof. It can be a good addition to any athlete’s bathroom for daily monitoring. 

3. Body Cardio

This is the best and most premium version of the body scale. It retails for £129.95. In addition to everything that “Body Scale” and “Body+ Scale” reports this one can also show heart rate and pulse wave velocity (PMV). PWV estimates the “stiffness” of users’ arteries and the correlated risk of hypertension or cardiovascular incidents.

All three of them can report daily weather and have baby and pregnancy modes. 


Withings have been a time-tested brand ranking consistently high on customer satisfaction surveys. These are the best and most accurate scales coming out in 2020. If you are out there looking for an ideal digital bathroom scale, Withings is the hands-down the first choice.