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We’ve finally had our first look at the PS5.

The logo is pretty similar to the PS4 logo. Sony also showcased a ton of new games, including Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and many more. All of which showed a glimpse of what the next generation will be capable of.

Sony has officially confirmed that the PS5 will release globally “in time for Holiday 2020”, so likely sometime between October and December 2020.

PlayStation5 Price

Sony hasn’t officially confirmed a PS5 price yet and, that’s because it hasn’t actually decided how much the next-generation console will cost. The price wasn’t revealed during the June 2020 event, but we weren’t expecting to see it there anyway.

While Sony may not have confirmed a price yet, there have been rumors about how much the PS5 could cost. While the latest PS5 price leaks are wild and can’t be trusted some predictions seem a bit more feasible (even if they’re not reliable).

  • Predicted PS5 price: $499 / £449 / AU$749
  • Next date for PS5 price information: Possibly July.

PlayStation5 Design

The PS5 design was officially revealed on June 11, 2020. Watch the PS5 hardware trailer above. Sony finally revealed the first-look for Playstation 5. The PlayStation 5 has a sleek, vertical design dominated by white panels on either side sandwiching a curved black interior. The PS5 is placed within a vertical stand. This has turned out to be the most striking and divisive design overhaul a Sony console has ever seen.
PlayStation5 consoles will launch not only one but two PlayStations. A standard edition with a 4K Blu-ray disc drive, and a slimmer, disc-free Digital Edition.
Both make use of USB-C charging for their controllers, and can make use of an HD camera accessory, alongside a new PS5 wireless headset and media remote. The consoles themselves feature a striking design that’s sure to split opinion.

Dual Sense Controller


The PS5 will come with a new gamepad, one that Sony is dubbing the DualSense PS5 controller, not the DualShock 5 like you’d expect. Also, a departure is the black-and-white color scheme that is bold – and likely to be divisive. That’s the confirmed design in the picture above, and it’s closely mirrored by the PS5 console design, as you’ve already seen.

Voice Control

An unearthed Sony patent describes “a controller device that is held by a user’s hand, including a microphone, a tactile presentation device that presents a tactile sense to the user’s hand, and a speaker.

“While the user is inputting voice from the microphone, the sound of the speaker is suppressed, and tactile presentation control by the tactile presentation device is performed.”

The DualSense has a built-in microphone, Sony confirmed at the announcement, but voice control wasn’t touched on specifically.