Snapchat’s a new voice assistant that helps users identify a filter is a more ambitious approach to voice interactivity. Twitter is enabling users to create audio content on the fly as simple as entering text. Snapchat is using voice to help users navigate the app. Granted, Snapchat’s voice implementation is exceedingly narrow.

For those unfamiliar with Snapchat, lenses offer the visual special effects added to images and videos. Filters are additional overlays. The new speech recognition feature appears to be a combination of the two. Lenses change frequently and some with audio enhancements have previously been available. As of yesterday, some lenses now enable you to say a word such as, “wow,” “love,” or “hi” and it will add a special filter effect to your video. If a speech recognition filter is available, you will be prompted to say something on the screen when selecting the lens.

It only provides access to a single feature. Then again, filters are a central feature of the app so the new voice search goes right to the heart of one of the most popular app features. The move also suggests Snapchat has additional ideas on how to use voice technology to enhance the user experience.