Weight loss studies have found the optimum amount of apple cider vinegar to drink.

It seems two tablespoons is the key. It has been said to reduce appetite and speed up metabolism. Eat certain time at breakfast to lose 65 percent more weight

Two tablespoons a day helped adults lose 3.7lbs over three months without changing up any other aspect of their diet.

Another study found those who were dieting lost double the amount if they took two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar a day.

Is it suggested that having ACV before a meal is the best time to drink it?

Additionally, the drink can help keep blood sugar levels down when taken before a high-carb meal. When the drink becomes an acid it is no longer a carbohydrate

In this situation, the vinegar will prevent large blood sugar levels.

Another drink has also been said to help with weight loss.

Green tea boosts weight loss efforts.

It can improve fat burning when exercising as well as boosting calorie burning when at rest.

The green tea is packed with a compound called catechin which is a highly powerful antioxidant.