After a good time in bed, do not ruin your vagina by doing any of these five acts.

You should never do this after having sex if you want to keep down there happy and healthy.

1. Do not forget to pee

When a penis meets a vagina all sorts of bacteria can be punched into your bladder. Resulting in post intercourse bladder infections, peeing after sex can help reduce the chances of an infection.

2. Do not wash your vagina with soap

You may feel the need to wash sex, and that is a good thing, but do not clean your private parts with soap or any detergents especially after sex, clean warm water should be enough.

3. Do not sleep in anything apart from cotton

After sex, your skin gets a little sensitive, it also gets warm and damps thanks to sweat. Vaginal fluids and course the man’s semen. you need to wear something breathable, anything apart from cotton will trap the moisture and lead to yeast infections. 

4. Do not wipe yourself with wipes

Using wipes after sex can cause irritation,  especially if you are sensitive to some chemicals. If you really want to clean yourself and there’s no water, use good old toilet roll.

5. Do not douche

Even though many people believe douching after sex can help prevent pregnancies and STIs, it is actually not good for the health of your vagina it alters your normal vaginal bacteria, and increase your risks of UTIs, yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis.

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