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Rackpost-Xiaomi Making a Cap That Stops Hairfall & Grows New Hair

Stop Your Hairfall And Grow New Hair With The Xiaomi Cap

Cosbeauty LLLT laser hair growth cap that can help in triggering healthy hair growth in as little as 12 weeks. As per a survey conducted...
Rackpost-China Reports First Death Due to Hantavirus

China Reports First Death Due to Hantavirus

After the coronavirus, man dies of hantavirus in China. While the world is still struggling to subdue the spread of Coronavirus, a rodent-borne virus...
Google’s coronavirus testing website arrives – with serious privacy concerns

Who is making a coronavirus testing website?

Google's coronavirus testing website arrives Google creating coronavirus site to help find testing, The site launched on Sunday and isn’t anything close to the nationwide...
rackpost- children cancer day

International Childhood cancer day

The day ensures a worldwide collaborative campaign to make awareness in regards to children with cancer. Worldwide Childhood disease day additionally advances idealism even...

Coronavirus detection App Introduce By China

Coronavirus Tracker Apps Now Being Used by Chinese Citizens to Spot Which Place has Positive Victim Coronavirus spread has now resulted in a total death toll...
rackpost- world cancer day

WHO outlines some Important steps to save 7 million lives from cancer

The World Health Organization (WHO) today explains the need to step up malignant growth benefits in low and center pay nations. WHO cautions that,...

What’s New About 2020s’ Coronavirus

Many people wonder about the new Coronavirus-Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) Google has activated an SOS alert in search results for searches related to the coronavirus outbreak. Google’s...
Burn injuries in deeper layers.

Effective Ways to Treat a Skin Burn

It is important to know the immediate steps to take if you get burnt, to limit the damage. Running the burn under cold water...

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