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Tuition-free Accredited University Offering Graduation

Best Online Tuition-free Accredited University Offering Graduation

College can be an amazing experience and completing a degree can feel like the proudest moment of a person’s life. But the student experience...
social media bill is passed

Four Things That will Happen if the Social Media Bill is Passed into Law

The Social Media bill currently debated in the senate chamber has just passed second reading. Here are Four things you should know about the bill: 1....
HEC Announced Schedule for Re-opening Universities

HEC Announced Schedule for Re-opening Universities

In a document, it is mentioned that HEC has surveyed the actions taken by universities in advanced countries. In all cases, the decision has...
New i phone 12 mini

Here’s Everything: About iPhone 12 ‘mini’

The iPhone 12 is expected to be Apple's biggest iPhone launch in years, and will reportedly be its first iPhone to come with 5G...
RACKPOST-Nintendo stops services because of Coronavirus

Nintendo Temporarily Shuts Down Its Repair Services Due To Coronavirus

Nintendo has announced that it has shut down all repair centers due to federal and local guidelines regarding the novel coronavirus, delaying Nintendo Switch...

Punjab eases lockdown in Pakistan starting May 9th: Notification issued

Punjab has eased the lockdown starting May 9th, 2020. It has allowed small shop owners to open their shops four days a week including...
Two Coronavirus Cases are Confirmed in Pakistan

Two Coronavirus Cases are Confirmed in Pakistan

Special Adviser to Prime Minister on Health Dr. Zafar Mirza on Wednesday confirmed two cases of coronavirus in Pakistan. Dr. Zafar Mirza confirms two coronavirus...
.Com Domain Prices Are Rising Again After 8 Years

Domain Prices Are Going to Increase This Year

Domain prices for .com might rise by 7 percent this year. They have been static for the last eight years, standing at $7.85 since...
Huawei is expected to be granted an extension on a permit for certain transactions in the U.S.

U.S. likely to Broaden Restricted Export waiver for Huawei

This story is published in a content partnership with POLITICO. It was originally reported by Adam Behsudi on politico.com on November 14, 2019. Huawei is expected to...
Google’s coronavirus testing website arrives – with serious privacy concerns

Who is making a coronavirus testing website?

Google's coronavirus testing website arrives Google creating coronavirus site to help find testing, The site launched on Sunday and isn’t anything close to the nationwide...

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