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Twitter Deleting Inactive Accounts-Starting December

Yesterday Twitter announced that it would delete the inactive accounts that hadn't been used in over six months, from December 11, to Free up...
Apple foldable iPhone Rackpost

Apple is Looking to work on Foldable iPhone

After years of development, foldable smartphones became a reality last year, and Samsung has already launched its second-generation foldable smartphone while Huawei is reportedly working on...

Messenger Rooms is coming to WhatsApp Web and later WhatsApp

Facebook launched a video conferencing tool ‘Messenger Rooms’ in April 2020 to compete with Zoom and other video platforms. ‘Messenger Rooms’ allow group video...
Microsoft Math Solver

Microsoft Launches App that can Solve Complex Maths Problem

No More Maths Lesson Teachers Microsoft Has solved All Life's Complex Problems With The Release of This App ⠀ ⠀ Mathematics is seen as the most...
google play store logo

Why Google-Launched Six New Apps Had Been So Popular Till Now?

Google has quite recently discharged six exploratory applications for Android clients, all of which manage advanced prosperity. These applications incorporate unlock clock, we flip,...

Must-Have Medical Apps if you are a doctor!

Data informatics and merging of medicine has created many medical apps which were not even thinkable a decade ago, the following are the top...
Vaping apps

After CDC’s discovery, Apple removed all vaping apps from its App Store

Apple removed all vaping-related apps from its App Store on November 15, 2019, siding with experts who call vaping “a public health crisis” and...

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